How to Save Money on Airport Parking Cost Per Day

In this discussion, we will be exploring the topic of airport parking cost per day. Whether you are a frequent traveler or someone who flies occasionally, airport parking can significantly add to the overall cost of your trip. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the various factors that influence parking fees and how you can find the best deals. Join me as we delve into this topic and discover the key information you need to know before making your next trip to the airport.

Understanding Airport Parking Options

When planning a trip, one of the most overlooked expenses is airport parking. Many travelers assume that parking at the airport is the only option, but this isn’t always the case. Most airports offer a variety of parking options to fit different budgets and needs.

On-Site Parking

On-site parking is the most convenient option for travelers. It’s located directly at the airport, and you can easily access the terminal from the parking lot. However, on-site parking is also the most expensive option, with rates that can be as high as $50 per day.

Off-Site Parking

Off-site parking is a popular alternative to on-site parking. These parking facilities are located near the airport, and most offer free shuttle service to and from the terminal. Off-site parking is typically cheaper than on-site parking, with rates that can be as low as $10 per day.

Hotel Parking

Another option to consider is hotel parking. Many hotels offer free parking to guests who stay overnight, and some offer parking for non-guests as well. Hotel parking is a good option if you have an early morning flight, as you can sleep in and still make it to the airport on time.

Factors That Affect Airport Parking Cost

The cost of airport parking can vary depending on a number of factors. Understanding these factors can help you save money on your next trip.

Key Takeaway: Airport parking can be a significant expense for travelers and understanding the different parking options, factors that affect parking cost, and tips for saving money can help reduce this cost. It is important to compare rates, consider alternative transportation, book in advance, use promo codes, and join frequent parker programs to save money. Additionally, it is important to dispel common misconceptions about airport parking such as assuming on-site parking is always best, booking in advance is more expensive, all parking facilities are the same, and all parking facilities are safe.


The location of the parking lot is the biggest factor that affects parking cost. On-site parking is always the most expensive option, while off-site parking can be cheaper depending on how far away it is from the airport.

Time of Year

The time of year can also affect parking cost. During peak travel times, such as holidays and summer vacation, parking rates are often higher due to increased demand.

Length of Stay

The length of your stay can also affect parking cost. Most parking facilities offer daily rates, but some also offer weekly rates. If you’re planning a long trip, it may be more cost-effective to park at an off-site facility with a weekly rate.

Type of Parking

The type of parking you choose can also affect cost. Valet parking is usually more expensive than self-parking, and covered parking is usually more expensive than open-air parking.

Tips for Saving Money on Airport Parking Cost

Now that you understand the different parking options and factors that affect parking cost, here are some tips for saving money on airport parking:

Key Takeaway: Understanding the different airport parking options and factors that affect parking cost can help travelers save money on their trips. Off-site parking and hotel parking are often cheaper alternatives to on-site parking, and booking in advance, using coupons or promo codes, and comparing rates can all lead to cost savings. It’s also important to be aware of misconceptions about airport parking, such as assuming on-site parking is always the best option or that all parking facilities are the same and equally safe.

Book in Advance

Many off-site parking facilities offer discounts if you book in advance. You can usually save up to 50% off the regular rate by booking online.

Use Coupons or Promo Codes

You can also save money by using coupons or promo codes. Many parking facilities offer discounts through websites like Groupon or LivingSocial.

Consider Alternative Transportation

If you live close to the airport, consider taking a taxi or ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft instead of driving and parking your car. This can be a cheaper option, especially if you’re only going on a short trip.

Join a Frequent Parker Program

Many parking facilities offer frequent parker programs that allow you to earn points for each dollar you spend on parking. These points can be redeemed for free parking or other rewards.

Compare Rates

Finally, it’s always a good idea to compare rates before booking your parking. Use websites like or to compare rates and find the best deal.

By following these tips, you can save money on airport parking and make your travel experience less stressful.

Misconceptions About Airport Parking

There are several misconceptions about airport parking that can lead to travelers paying more than they need to. Here are some common misconceptions:

On-Site Parking is Always the Best Option

Many travelers assume that on-site parking is the best option because it’s the most convenient. However, this isn’t always the case. Off-site parking can be just as convenient, and it’s usually much cheaper.

Booking in Advance is More Expensive

Some travelers believe that booking in advance will result in higher parking rates. However, the opposite is usually true. Most parking facilities offer discounts for booking in advance.

All Parking Facilities are the Same

Not all parking facilities are created equal. Some offer better security, better shuttle service, and more convenient locations than others. It’s important to do your research and find a facility that meets your needs.

All Parking Facilities are Safe

While most parking facilities are safe, there have been instances of theft and vandalism in some facilities. It’s important to choose a facility with good security measures, such as surveillance cameras and frequent patrols.

FAQs on Airport Parking Cost per Day

What is the average cost of parking at an airport?

The average cost of parking at an airport varies depending on the location and time of year. In general, on-site parking can be more expensive than off-site parking options. The duration of your stay also plays a role in determining the cost per day. Some airports offer discounts for longer-term parking.

Is it cheaper to park at the airport for several days?

It may be cheaper to park at the airport for several days if you take advantage of long-term parking options. Many airports offer daily and weekly rates that can save you money compared to the daily rate for short-term parking. Be sure to research your options and compare prices before making a decision.

Are there any alternative parking options near the airport?

Yes, there are often alternative parking options near the airport that can be more cost-effective than parking at the airport itself. These options may include private parking lots or garages, or even nearby hotels that offer parking packages. Make sure to book in advance and check the location and security of the parking option before leaving your vehicle.

How can I save money on airport parking?

You can save money on airport parking by booking in advance and researching alternative parking options such as off-site lots or hotel packages. You can also compare prices and look for discounts or promotions that may be available. Consider using a ride-sharing service or public transportation to the airport if it’s more cost-effective than parking.

What happens if I exceed my pre-booked parking time?

If you exceed your pre-booked parking time, you may be charged an additional fee. It’s important to make sure you estimate your parking duration accurately when booking. If you need to extend your parking time while you’re away, you should contact the parking operator immediately to avoid any penalty fees.

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