Can You Book Connecting Flights on Ryanair?

Ryanair is one of the most popular low-cost airlines in Europe, and they offer a wide range of destinations at affordable prices. However, if you’re planning to travel to multiple destinations, you might wonder if it’s possible to book connecting flights on Ryanair. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about booking connecting flights on Ryanair.

there! In this response, I will be discussing whether or not it is possible to book connecting flights on Ryanair. Ryanair is a popular budget airline that operates in multiple countries across Europe, and many travelers may have questions about how to book flights that require a layover or connection. So, let’s dive into the specifics and see what Ryanair has to offer!

Understanding Connecting Flights

Before we dive into the specifics of booking connecting flights on Ryanair, let’s first understand what connecting flights are. A connecting flight is a flight that requires passengers to change planes at an intermediate point before continuing to their final destination. This means that passengers need to disembark from their initial flight and board a second flight to reach their ultimate destination.

Connecting flights are a popular option for travelers who want to visit multiple destinations without booking separate flights. They can also be a more affordable option than booking direct flights, especially if you’re traveling to a less popular destination.

The Pros and Cons of Connecting Flights

While connecting flights can be a great way to save money and see multiple destinations, they do come with some downsides. Here are some of the pros and cons of booking connecting flights:


  • Often cheaper than direct flights
  • Allows you to visit multiple destinations without booking separate flights
  • Can be a more flexible option for travelers with changing itineraries


  • Higher risk of delays and missed connections
  • More time-consuming than direct flights
  • Baggage needs to be checked through to the final destination

Booking Connecting Flights on Ryanair

Now that we understand what connecting flights are, let’s explore if it’s possible to book connecting flights on Ryanair.

Ryanair’s Route Network

Ryanair has a vast route network that covers destinations across Europe and beyond. However, the airline operates on a point-to-point basis, which means that they don’t offer connecting flights in the traditional sense. This means that if you want to travel to multiple destinations with Ryanair, you’ll need to book separate flights for each leg of your journey.

Booking Separate Flights

Booking separate flights on Ryanair is relatively straightforward. You can use the airline’s website or mobile app to search for flights between your desired destinations and book them individually. However, there are some things to keep in mind when booking separate flights on Ryanair.

Allow Enough Time for Connections

When booking separate flights on Ryanair, it’s essential to allow enough time between flights. Ryanair recommends that passengers allow at least two hours between flights to ensure that they have enough time to clear immigration, collect their baggage, and check-in for their next flight.

Book Through Fares with Other Airlines

If you’re planning to travel to destinations that Ryanair doesn’t serve, you might need to book through fares with other airlines. A through fare is a ticket that covers multiple flights on multiple airlines. This can be a more convenient option than booking separate flights, but it can also be more expensive.

Check Baggage Allowances

When booking separate flights on Ryanair, it’s essential to check the airline’s baggage allowances. Ryanair has strict baggage policies, and passengers are only allowed to carry one small bag on board. If you have checked baggage, you’ll need to pay an additional fee for each leg of your journey.

FAQs – Can You Book Connecting Flights on Ryanair?

Can I book connecting flights on Ryanair?

Yes, you can book connecting flights on Ryanair. The airline introduced a new feature called Ryanair Connect, which allows passengers to book connecting flights using Ryanair’s partner airlines such as Air Malta, Laudamotion, and Norwegian.

How do I book connecting flights on Ryanair?

To book connecting flights on Ryanair, you will need to visit the Ryanair Connect page on their website. Here, you can select your departure airport and destination, and the website will display a list of flight options with different airline combinations. You can then select the flights that best suit your needs and book them in one transaction.

Do I need to collect my baggage between connecting flights on Ryanair?

If you book a connecting flight on Ryanair, the airline promises that your checked-in bags will automatically be transferred to your connecting flight for you. Thus, you do not need to collect your baggage between connecting flights.

What happens if I miss my connecting flight on Ryanair?

If you miss your connecting flight on Ryanair, you should immediately contact the airline’s customer service team or visit their customer service desk at the airport. Ryanair may either transfer you to the next available flight or offer you a refund, depending on the ticket type you purchased.

Are connecting flights on Ryanair more expensive than direct flights?

The cost of connecting flights on Ryanair varies depending on the route, destination, and the airline combination you choose. Generally, connecting flights are often more expensive than direct flights, but this is not always the case. It is advisable to check the prices of both direct and connecting flights before making a booking decision.

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