Best Newark Airport Parking Reddit: Everything You Need to Know

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If you’re planning to fly out of Newark Liberty International Airport and want to find a convenient and affordable parking option, you may benefit from checking out some recommendations and reviews on Reddit. Reddit is a popular online forum where users can share information and opinions about various topics, including travel and transportation. By searching for the best Newark airport parking on Reddit, you can tap into the collective wisdom of fellow travelers and locals who have experience with different parking lots and strategies. In this response, I will explore some of the top threads and comments on Reddit that relate to Newark airport parking and highlight some of the insights and tips shared by the community.

How to Choose the Best Newark Airport Parking

Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States, serving millions of passengers each year. Finding the best Newark airport parking can be daunting, but with the help of Reddit, you can make an informed decision. Here are some tips to help you choose the best Newark airport parking:

Consider the Cost

The cost of parking at Newark airport can vary greatly depending on the duration of your trip and the type of parking facility you choose. Off-site parking is usually cheaper than on-site parking, but it may require a shuttle ride to the airport. Compare prices and read reviews on Reddit to find the best deal.

Check the Distance

The distance between the parking lot and the airport terminal can make a big difference in your travel experience. If you’re traveling with heavy luggage or children, you may want to choose a parking lot that is closer to the terminal. On Reddit, you can find information on the distance of each parking facility from the airport.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews from other travelers on Reddit can give you valuable insight into the quality of each parking facility. Look for reviews that mention the shuttle service, cleanliness, and security of the parking lot. This can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises when you arrive.

Consider the Amenities

Some Newark airport parking facilities offer additional amenities, such as covered parking, EV charging stations, and car wash services. If these amenities are important to you, make sure to read reviews on Reddit to find a parking lot that offers them.

Book in Advance

Booking your parking spot in advance can save you time and money. Many Newark airport parking facilities offer discounts for online reservations. On Reddit, you can find information on the best websites to use for booking your parking spot.

The Pros and Cons of On-Site and Off-Site Parking

When it comes to Newark airport parking, there are two main options: on-site and off-site parking. Each option has its pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh them carefully before making a decision.

Key takeaway: When looking for Newark airport parking, consider the cost, distance, amenities, and reviews from other travelers on Reddit. You can choose between on-site and off-site parking, but each option has its pros and cons. To have a stress-free experience, allow extra time, follow the signs, keep your parking ticket safe, take a picture of your car’s location, and use a shuttle tracker app if necessary.

On-Site Parking

On-site parking is the most convenient option for travelers. You can park your car in a parking lot that is located right at the airport terminal, so you don’t have to worry about taking a shuttle. However, on-site parking is usually more expensive than off-site parking, and the parking lots can fill up quickly during peak travel times.

Off-Site Parking

Off-site parking is usually cheaper than on-site parking, and many facilities offer shuttle service to and from the airport. Off-site parking lots are usually located within a few miles of the airport, so you may need to allow extra time for the shuttle ride. However, off-site parking facilities can be less secure than on-site parking, so it’s important to read reviews on Reddit before choosing a facility.

Tips for a Stress-Free Newark Airport Parking Experience

Parking at Newark airport can be stressful, but with a little preparation, you can make it a stress-free experience. Here are some tips to help you:

Allow Extra Time

Give yourself plenty of time to park your car and get to the airport terminal. Plan to arrive at the parking facility at least 2 hours before your flight, especially if you’re traveling during peak travel times.

Follow the Signs

Make sure to follow the signs to the parking lot you’ve chosen. Newark airport has several parking options, so it’s important to know where you’re going.

Keep Your Ticket Safe

When you park your car, make sure to keep your parking ticket in a safe place. You’ll need it to pay for your parking when you return.

Take a Picture of Your Car

Take a picture of your car and its location in the parking lot. This will make it easier to find your car when you return.

Use a Shuttle Tracker

If you’re using an off-site parking facility, use a shuttle tracker app to track the location of the shuttle. This will help you estimate how long you’ll need to wait for the shuttle.

FAQs for Best Newark Airport Parking Reddit

What is Newark airport parking?

Newark airport parking is a designated area within or near Newark Liberty International Airport where you can leave your vehicle while you travel. Newark airport parking services are available for both short-term and long-term parking options.

How do I find the best Newark airport parking?

You can use various resources to find the best Newark airport parking, including asking for recommendations from friends and family, researching online reviews, and browsing Reddit for recommendations. Newark airport parking prices, locations, and services vary, so it’s essential to do your research and compare different options to find the one that best suits your needs.

Is it safe to park my car at Newark airport parking?

Yes, Newark airport parking is safe! Newark Liberty International Airport is well equipped with security measures, including surveillance cameras, regular patrols, and a team of security officers monitoring the parking lots 24/7. Even though it’s safe, it’s always a good idea to park in a well-lit area and take any valuable belongings with you.

How much does Newark airport parking cost?

Newark airport parking rates vary depending on the parking option you choose. The good news is that there are different options to choose from, including on-airport parking, off-airport parking, and valet parking. On-airport parking is the most expensive, while off-airport parking is relatively cheaper. You can expect to pay anywhere from $8 to $40 per day for Newark airport parking, depending on the option you choose.

Can I reserve a parking space at Newark airport parking?

Yes, you can reserve a parking spot in advance at Newark airport parking. Many parking lots allow you to make online reservations, which is convenient and will guarantee you a parking space. It’s good to make a reservation in advance during peak travel times to avoid the hassle of driving around looking for an available spot.

What are some tips for finding the best Newark airport parking on Reddit?

When browsing Reddit for Newark airport parking recommendations, make sure to check out trusted subreddits and read through the comments thoroughly. Look for comments from people who’ve used the parking before and consider their experiences. Take note of parking options that offer shuttle services, car detailing, or other convenient amenities. Lastly, don’t forget to compare prices and check out different options before making a decision.

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